28 Reminders from my 28th Year


Birthdays are a great time for self-reflection and resolutions. This past year, I loved fearlessly and lost immensely (in good ways). To this year, thank you for the hard lessons that made me a better person. I may not have managed them gracefully but it was always the best I could in every situation. Thank you for shedding negatives to make room for even more light. Thank you for filling my life with more love and showing love in even more ways. 

Here are some of my most important lessons and reminders from this past year of life...

  1. Sometimes saying "no" is necessary to open new doors. 
  2. Loving someone does not mean compatibility. 
  3. Compatibility does not always mean love. 
  4. Drastically changing your lifestyle is okay.... it can even be AMAZING!
  5. Calling people on their shit is necessary.
  6. Remind people often you love them. 
  7. Calling someone over just to cry in their arms is cleansing - and supportive on a whole other level. 
  8. You can truly find something deep in common with anyone. 
  9. Make it a habit to tell people how grateful you are for them.
  10. It's imperative to teach yourself something new daily.
  11. Live more intentionally.
  12. Being present is critical for positive mental health. 
  13. It's okay to miss someone. 
  14. It's also okay not to miss someone. 
  15. Sharing your emotions when you know someone doesn't feel the same can be a beautiful way of letting go and moving on.
  16. Have friends that challenge you to be and do better.
  17. Be impulsive, consciously.
  18. Trust your gut, not your mouth. 
  19. Laugh as often as possible. 
  20. Feed into your weirdness and find the beauty in it. 
  21. Make self care a priority. 
  22. Do things that feed your soul, daily. 
  23. Get enough sleep. 
  24. Being vulnerable is a genuine strength. 
  25. Be protective of who and what you give your energy to. 
  26. You don't need to be stuck in a bad situation - Own your happiness. 
  27. There is no recipe for life. Push through societies "rules" to live a more full life. 
  28. Love always. 
Alyssa Root