5 Reasons To Love Being Single




Summer is over and we have officially switched to cuffing season. The time where people pair up for the winter to keep each other company in the freezing months. As someone who lives in San Diego, this is ridiculous but it's still an epidemic.

This past year has been filled with changes in my career, food, fitness, passions, etc. Dating is not a priority in my life, and honestly, not even on my radar. I am working on building a stronger, more well-rounded me. For now, doing that solo may not be comfortable, but it's a way for me to gain even more confidence in my abilities.

Feeling like you need to be with someone is a fallacy. It's okay to be alone, and it's okay to be okay with being alone. 

Here are some healthy reminders why being single is pretty freaking awesome. 

1. Make your own plans!

Last minute happy hour with your co-workers? Movies with your girlfriends? Take that 6:00am Yoga class? (jk that's ridiculous...) You can do it! No need to worry about anyone else's schedule or if they will be upset at you for going to be with your friends. You do you, boo.


2. Treat. Yo. Self.

Trying to make someone happy all the time is exhausting. Spend time doing things that make you happy. Take yourself on a date, tell yourself you are pretty, get yourself flowers. You are special.. remind yourself daily.


3. Sleeping alone = Empty bed!

Hate being cramped on the side?! Or getting sweaty feeling like you have to cuddle with someone that's a furnace? NO MORE! You can sprawl out, sleep sideways, drool, it doesn't matter. Embrace the space.


4. Netflix and Chill

Want to watch Shameless for hours and not get judged? You go for it, girl. Order that pizza. Wear that old, comfy onesie. Treat yourself. You deserve it.


5. Eat whatever.

No need to spend an hour debating where to eat to meet both of your cravings. You can choose whatever you want, whenever you want! It still may take you a while cause choosing food can be rough, but you have no one else to think about but yourself. (Pro Tip: Always choose pizza... or Thai.. Sushi sounds kind of good, too?... nah, pizza is always the default).

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